4 Reasons To Get An Electrical Contractor To Install Security Lighting

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Benefits of Installing Security Lighting


You might have seen that most of your neighbors are installing outside security lights within their front yards. Absolutely, they look beautiful and attractive at night; however, you are not certain if you’re able to afford the extra cost of upkeep and installation. But, as you factor in all of the advantages of putting in outdoor security lights by an electrical contractor, you quickly will start realizing that in the long-range, your initial investment actually can save you thousands of dollars.


1. Peace of Mind

By far, one of the main advantages of putting in outdoor security lights is the extra peace of mind. It is possible to leave your house to enjoy an evening on the town, or extended vacation, with the realization that the exterior of your home is well-lit, helping to deter thieves. In addition, motion-sensing lighting allows you to see precisely who is knocking at your door after the sun sets, even if it is merely the pizza delivery man. For an extra protection layer, also think about installing exterior security lights in your backyard. In addition, there are available interior motion detecting security systems for extra security.

2. Unwanted Animals

Anyone who has a thriving backyard vegetable patch, or a gorgeous flower garden knows all too well the havoc that cats, rabbits, and other unwanted pests may wreak on their investment. Rather than sitting up overnight waiting for a pest to invade your little garden, put in motion-detecting security lighting — there are available systems that are specially made to detect animals. Select a unit which permits you to adjust the sensitivity of the light. Either way, motion sensing security lighting is an excellent method of frightening pests away from the garden.

3. Insurance Break for Homeowners

There are a variety of factors which affect the price of your homeowner’s insurance. You can’t move your house closer to a fire hydrant, unfortunately, or ask your city to construct a fire station within your community. But, there are multiple steps to take to assist in lowering your premiums, which includes installing exterior security lights. Statistically, a well-lit house is less likely to be robbed. The less risk of burglary or vandalism, the safer the house, which may translate to a lowered insurance premium. Get in touch with your homeowner’s insurance company to receive more information on any available discounts.

4. Prevent Unwanted Accidents

The holidays have a way of bringing great joy and excitement, especially if you are hosting a celebration for your family members and friends. You want all your guests to safely arrive, and you’re doing your part in moving your garbage cans and outside accessories out of walk ways. A dark night, unfortunately, makes it hard for visitors to see uncoiled hoses along the pathway, which may result in a slip and fall accident. Installing motion-detecting security lighting assists in ensuring that any welcomed visitors have the ability to make it to the front door without tripping or falling, no matter what the season or weather conditions.

From keeping unwanted pests from eating your garden to ensuring the safety of all family and friends, there are a variety of incredible reasons for you to consider outdoor security lights. Before you make any final choices, call a provider in your locality for more details and price quote.


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