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What can you expect from our commercial electrical contractor in Lake Oswego?

When you need electrical work done, it’s a job that can’t wait. Like a burst pipe or a hole in your roof, not getting the problem fixed quickly can end up causing your property irrepareable harm. One of the common ways this happens is through electrical fires. These most commonly occur as a result of using outdated appliances or faulty outlets, and are difficult to put out, since water is ineffective at best. Before your electrical system has the chance to get to this obsolete stage, call Steele Electric for a commercial electrical contractor in Lake Oswego. We’ll go through your electrical system and alert you to any dangers and stop them before they burst out of control.

Our team keeps the gears turning!

While our commercial electricians work as a well-oiled machine, they also strive for optimum communication for any other contractors and sub-contractors working anywhere else on the project.



Can you help with new buildings too?

When you’re building a new office, it’s important that everything in the building works seamlessly for your staff to be more efficient. But if the electrical system stops working, they’ll be able to focus on little else! Our team of electricians does what we can to make sure that doesn’t happen with our thorough process.

  • Each job starts with a free estimate. If you have an existing building, we’ll come onsite for this. If it’s a new construction, give us as many details as you can and information on your general contractors and we’ll build one from there.
  • Your building won’t be allowed to be occupied until certain conditions are met. We make sure your electrical system is up to code by doing a thorough pre and post installation inspection which includes comprehensive testing.
  • Along with installing the wiring through the walls and creating outlets, we can also do the lighting fixtures as well. Tell us what kind of lights you plan to have for your commercial building and we’ll make sure that they’ll work properly.

Choose us for your commercial electrical contracting work in Lake Oswego

With friendly service, comprehensive inspections, and affordable rates, you won’t find a better value anywhere around!

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