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Which commercial electrical contractor is the best in Tigard?

Deciding on your new or upgraded electrical system is extremely important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can impact your entire business operations if it’s inefficient or not working properly.When making the decision, there are many factors to keep in mind. How many outlets are you going to need in a room? Where should your switches for your lights go? How can delicate electronics be protected from power surges? Fortunately, you don’t have to answer these questions on your own when you go with Steele Electric. Our commercial electrical contractors in Tigard work with you throughout the process, taking your input into account to create the optimum environment for your employees. We do our best to keep your electrical system out of sight and out of mind because it will be doing its job properly!

Make sure your electrical contractors works with other members of your project! Few things are more frustrating than thinking you have a well-functioning team only to find out they have communication issues. We do our best to minimize those. If you have other general contractors working on your project, we’ll stay in contact with them and communicate regularly to make sure nobody gets in each other’s way.

Commercial-Electrical-Contractor-TigardWhat kind of electrical work can you do?

When you need work with electrical, we’re your go to commercial electricians! We’re versatile and can do all sorts of projects, such as:

  • If your parking lot is dark and even a bit scary at night, we can add underground wiring and parking lot lighting to make it a look a little more inviting.
  • Need dedicated circuitry for advanced equipment? We can set it up for you and implement safeguards to make sure that your equipment stays protected.
  • Still using old fuses? Let us help you upgrade! Circuit breakers are effective for overload protection and resettable to protect your property.

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If it has to do with electrical work, our output won’t be grounded!

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