Commercial Electrician Lake Oswego


How can a commercial electrician in Lake Oswego help you?

No matter how nice you building looks on the outside, it will be practically useless without good wiring on the inside. While most residential properties are similar, commercial buildings are a different story. Commercial floor plans can be complicated and have different needs than a typical home. Wiring has to go to different levels, and the system has to be integrated enough to keep the building connected but not enough to cause overloads. Heating and cooling systems need to have enough power to reach all parts of the building and need to be able to be controlled intuitively. With such important tasks, you need to make sure you pick a quality commercial electrician for your Lake Oswego property. And with an experienced and friendly staff and great pricing, you won’t find a better value than Steele Electric anywhere around!


What are the benefits of using our skilled electricians?

Because electrical systems are hazardous to people without training, the state of Oregon requires a licensed electrician to install the system in new constructions and make sure that everything is up to code.

  • Our apprentices always work alongside a skilled General Supervising Electrician, who thoroughly checks everything to make sure it’s done right.
  • Since we have over 20 years of experience with commercial electrical systems, we can get the job done both quickly and efficiently.
  • Along with new construction, we do electrical work for restoration projects as well, to keep the look of a building while updating the electrical components.
  • Need design assistance? We’ve seen what works! Whether you have a great plan or want some input, we’re here to help!


Start with a job estimate from our local electricians

The best way to find out if a commercial electrical contractor is right for your Lake Oswego property is to have them come to the job site. While some companies give estimates without knowing the details, we know that those are rarely accurate. That’s why we start with a free on-site estimate. While we’re known for our affordability, we can only give and honest estimate after seeing firsthand what the job will require. Call or contact us today to find out what that will be for you!

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