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What do you do if you need a commercial electrician in Portland?

When your electrical system is on the fritz, it’s not worth taking the risk to hold off on calling the experts. Especially if your business operations depend on having a powered office space, you don’t want to be without electricity! Before the problem gets shockingly out of hand, give Steele Electric a call for a commercial electrician in Portland. Whether you need electrical work done in a new building or need a repair or adjustment to an existing one, our skilled staff is ready and waiting to help.

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We do them for free! Our team will go to your property for an estimate and do our best to stick to your budget

Why should I choose a professional electrician?

Electricity is dangerous. As the leading cause of both residential and commercial fires, faulty electrical systems should be looked at immediately. But trying to fix it yourself isn’t worth the risk. Each year there are about 400 deaths in the United States alone from electrocution, many related to damaged or exposed wiring. So how can you stay protected? Commercial Electrician Portland

  • If you aren’t familiar with electricity, don’t try electrical work on your own. Unlike some fixes where a failed home remedy will simply make it more broken, you have a chance of serious injury when electricity is involved.
  • Keep an eye on your circuit breakers. If they flip often, this means that something is overloading them. It could be that you have too many high amperage appliances plugged in, or a problem unrelated to anything you do.
  • When in doubt, there are professionals standing by to do this complicated work for you. With over 20 years of experience, our crew had the right combination of skills and knowledge to get the job done right.

Regular handyman should be cautious too! Since electrical work is complicated and dangerous, even if you or someone you know is handy with home improvement, always use a licensed electrician when working within your electrical system to keep everyone and your property safe.

Choose us for a commercial electrical contractor in Portland

If you’ve decided on using a licensed electrician, how do you who to go with out of all the choices in Portland? Beyond experience, you want a commercial electrical contractor that guarantees their work. We do. And we’re available for just about any electrical job you have. Whether you want someone to put in the wiring and thoroughly test it for a new construction or simply need a letter repaired on the electric sign of your business name, we can help. Give us a call or contact us today for a free estimate.

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