Electrical Contractor Beaverton

Electrical Contractor For Beaverton

Of all the things that’ll need to be built, your electrical system is worth doing right. Strategically placed outlets, USB-charging stations, ample voltage and dependable relays are just some of the things that differentiate a building designed for the future, from one from the past.

Needless to say, inadequate planning could leave you with poor lighting, inconsistent wiring, minimal or misplaced plug-in options and a place characterized by inconvenience, instead of comfort and productivity.

It’s important to work with an electrician in Beaverton who knows a thing or two about how buildings should be wired. And that’s exactly what we do at Steele Electric. Whether you’re building a brand-new house or a building from the ground up, or you just want to upgrade an outdated electrical system, our team of qualified electricians is the crew you’re looking for.

Commercial Buildings Wired For Success

Commercial electrical contractors have to have knowledge of every kind of electrical system. And because these properties always involve more than just wiring a building, we’ve got your other related needs covered as well. Looking to add lighting to a dimly-lit parking lot? Not only will we lay the underground wires, but we can also repair and replace entire light poles. Got electric signage that’s not getting the amps it needs to amplify your business? We’ll make sure everything is wired optimally, and install a timer or ambient light sensor system, to make sure it’s on when it needs to be. And if you’re working with heavy equipment or machinery that requires a significant output, our commercial electricians can install a dedicated circuit so it doesn’t draw from anywhere else.

Hire an electrical contractor who communicates with the rest of your team! Few things stall a project more than lack of communication. Just like we wire relays to maximize bring power, we rely on consistent relays of communication to get the job done.

Electrical Contractor Beaverton

Residential Comfort Grounded In Smart Electric

Building a new house isn’t easy. And after you think you’ve got everything done, then you’ve got the electrical:

  • We’ll install outlets in sections that work with the layout and are optimized for convenient usage.
  • Looking for an overhead light or fan? Our electricians can wire and install any overhead feature you want.
  • We can do both indoor and outdoor electrical for either new homes or remodels.
  • Got an underground pool? We can come by and install safe pool lighting or any configuration you need.

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