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One of the most essential parts of your home or commercial building is the electrical work. Not planning ahead of time could leave you with a bedroom or office room with minimal lighting options. It’s important to work with an electrical contractor in Portland that puts your best interests first. And that’s exactly what we do at Steele Electric. Whether you’re building a brand new house or just want to upgrade an outdated electrical system, our team of qualified electricians is just the crew you’re looking for.

We can handle all the electrical work for your commercial property

Commercial electricians have to have knowledge of all kinds of electrical systems. And because these properties involve much more than wiring a building, we’ve taken the time to learn about other needs you might have as well. Need some lighting for a poorly-lit parking lot? Not only can we help put in underground wires, but we can repair or replace light poles too. Have an electric sign that’s not turning on when it should? We’ll install a timer or ambient light sensor system, so it’s only on when it needs to be. And if you happen to have sensitive equipment or machinery that requires a significant amount of power, our commercial electrical contractors can install a dedicated circuit so it doesn’t affect the rest of the property.

Make sure your electrical contractors communicate with the rest of your team! There are few things that stall a project more than miscommunication. We make sure we know what everyone is doing so that your entire team can maximize efficiency.

Electrical Contractor Portland

We do residential electrical jobs as well

Building a new house requires a lot of different steps. One of these is the electrical work.

  • We’ll put outlets in sections that are most convenient for you depending on room usage.
  • Want to add an overhead light or fan? Our electricians will see if they can make the change.
  • We can do both indoor and outdoor electrical work for both new homes and remodels.
  • Have a pool? Let us come by and reduce electrical risks by working on pool equipment circuits.

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