Electrical Contractor Tualatin

Electrical Contractor Tualatin

All-Around Electrical Contractor In Tualatin

Your electrical system is one of the areas of the home that’s better left to a professional to repair. It’s not because we think you can’t do it, it’s mostly to make sure your wiring is installed in an organized and safe manner. Where some other DIY projects might result in a costly mess, a faulty electrical system could lead to big problems! Which means it’s probably better to give us a call and guarantee the work done on your home by using a licensed electrician.

Wondering where you could find one of those? Look no further than Steele Electric. Our team is staffed with both residential and commercial electricians ready to work on any kind of property.

New or Remodeled Home Electrical

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an old one, with Steele Electric, you don’t have to worry about your electrical system failing to work. Everything we install is fully tested and built to code. With our safety-guaranteed electrical work, you’ll know that everything was done right and your wiring will provide safe, continuous power to your home for years to come.

  • Thinking about modernizing your wiring? We’ll put USB outlets wherever you’ll be charging.
  • Customized lighting arrangements? We can get them set up as you want.
  • Looking to hook up a home office or theater? Our crew can provide an intelligent electrical layout.

Pro-Tip! If you suspect an electrical problem, never try to fix it without first turning off the power. Don’t even know where the power is? Give us a call.

We Also Do Commercial Electrical

The same standard of work we do for homes we also bring to commercial facilities. For businesses, hospitals or schools in need of custom electrical work, give us a call. Our electricians will make sure your building is fully-wired and ready to go. We can even lay the wiring for your business’ exterior including parking lots or signs. We can even configure specific outputs for high-demand appliances that require above-average electrical flow.

Get on the grid! Schedule an appointment with Steele Electrical today.

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